World on Water Surf and Paddle Boards can assist you with most repair needs.

We repair ALL makes and models of boards….
yes ~ this is true!! Don’t have a WOW board… please, bring it in.. we can help!

What to do if you need a board repaired:
Bring it by the shop! We will take a look and give you a basic estimate of the repair.

All repair costs are estimates until work is actually done. The true extent of damage cannot be seen until the area is worked on. We do our best to match colors and hide all repairs but reserve the right to complete a repair without a perfect color match and or the ability to completely hide a repair. If you need your board to look ‘new’ please make sure to pass along that information so we can quote the repair appropriately.

Please ….
Remove all fins / leashes & take home
Do not leave board bag here ~ take it home Remove your wax (additional $30.00 charge to remove wax)

All repair costs are based on the time and material used:
Minimum repair charge is $40.00 ~ this includes 1 hour of labor plus $10 of material cost i.e. tape, gloves, cups, stir sticks etc.
Additional labor – Shop rate is $30.00 per hour

DIY Repairs:
Have some experience working with fiberglass and resin…. don’t need the professional…. NO PROBLEM!
We are all about helping out. We have base repair kits available in our shop.

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