Team Riders





Olivia Schroeder loves to surf! She was introduced to wave riding at the age of 12 during visits to Hawaii (the Big Island) to see her sister. Her relationship with her sister, and the knowledge she passed along, was all it took to get Olivia on a board with every visit. Back at home in Salem, Oregon surf was too far to get to by herself… until her and her friends could drive. Then the trips to the coast seemed to happen more often than not. One of her first boards was a 7’6” Northwest Girl board that she loved. It took her 3 years of random weekends before she says she caught her first ‘real’ green wave. With that feeling of riding a real wave and her own driver’s license, the trips to Lincoln City and Pacific City became more regular. College years in Eugene opened up more surf spots to her and now trips to Newport. A summer job as a park ranger at Yaquina Head soon opened up even more … well …. you can imagine where this goes…! Naturally, she surfed as often as she could and met many people doing the same. One of her most memorable introductions was on her 21st birthday when she met her husband at Agate Beach!! With love all around her, she quickly finished college and moved to Newport where her and her husband created a home and became part of the incredible surf community. They make sure to incorporate the ocean into their lives and it continually rewards them with community, play, and stoke. They have two beautiful children, Layla and Sol, who are also stoked to live at the beach …. Even though some trips the kids are dragged along with whispers of ‘We’re going to the beach AGAIN?’ Professionally Olivia teaches first grade in Newport and yoga on occasion. WOW has had a wonderful relationship with Olivia to date. Our experiences with her have been filled with positive energy and her love for the ocean shines in everything she touches. WOW is proud to sponsor Olivia and is looking forward to watching her succeed in everything she is destined to be as a surfer, a mother, a wife, a teacher, a friend and more!! Go Olivia!!

“Surfing in Oregon may not be as consistent as other places, but any day of the year can end up being the best day of the year. You just have to be ready for it! “~ Olivia Schroeder

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